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Monday, 2017-09-04

Nachruf: Lukas Dobusch 1987 - 2017

Die TU Wien und das Institut für Photonik trauern um ihren Projektassistenten Dipl.-Ing. Lukas Dobusch, der am 30. August 2017 nach schwerer Krankheit viel zu früh von uns gegangen ist. More

Friday, 2017-06-30

Autobatterien und dünne Schichten: ausgezeichnete Diplomarbeiten

Die SEW-Eurodrive-Stiftung zeichnete Diplomarbeiten aus. Zwei der Preise gingen an die TU Wien – an Thomas Bruckmüller und Florian Höller. More

Monday, 2017-04-24

Microprocessors based on a layer of just three atoms

Microprocessors based on atomically thin materials hold the promise of the evolution of traditional processors as well as new applications in the field of flexible electronics. Now, a TU Wien research team led by Thomas Müller has made a breakthrough in this field as part of an ongoing research project. More

Wednesday, 2017-03-15

Graphen – der neue Wunderstoff in der Wissenschaft

Wie vielschichtig ist ein einschichtiges Material? Diskutieren Sie beim 21. TU Forum am 16. März 2017 mit. More

Tuesday, 2017-02-14

New record achieved in terahertz pulse generation

A group of scientists from TU Wien and ETH Zurich have succeeded in their attempts to generate ultrashort terahertz light pulses. With lengths of just a few picoseconds, these pulses are ideally suited to spectroscopic applications and enable extremely precise frequency measurements to be taken. More

Tuesday, 2017-01-03

High Performance Graphene Photodetectors Set Speed Record

Graphene is an ideal material for optical communications systems. A new, waveguide-integrated photodetector design sets a record high bandwidth for ultrafast, high data rate graphene devices. More

Wednesday, 2016-12-14

Paper by the Ultrafast Group featured in ElectroOptics

The publication ‘Multi-millijoule few-cycle mid-infrared pulses through nonlinear self-compression in bulk' (Nature Comm. 2016) by Valentina Shumakova et al. was featured in an article in ElectroOptics magazine! More

Wednesday, 2016-12-14

Anton-Paar's Award for Andreas Pospischil

Every year the company Anton Paar gives two awards: one for physics and one for chemistry. An expert jury made up of members of the Austrian Physical Society and representatives of a number of Austrian universities selects the winners. More

Tuesday, 2016-12-13

Auszeichnung für Christian Hartl

Christian Hartl wurde am 29. November vom Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Wirtschaft mit dem Staatspreis für die 50 besten Diplom- bzw. Masterabschlüsse ausgezeichnet. More

Monday, 2016-10-24

Focused Beams of Randomness

It was considered a practically unreachable goal: focused light in the Terahertz regime consisting of a broad spectrum of wavelengths. At TU Wien (Vienna) this feat has now been accomplished – using a surprising trick. More